Sunday, July 24, 2005

The future is passing me by.

I don't know what I've been doing in the 3 and a half weeks since my last entry, but there's certainly not much worth mentioning. Oh, I went to the biggest music event in history, Live8...

...but apart from that, nothing. I meant to come on here sooner and moan about how I've been spending money that doesn't exist, that is; my overdraft, and doing nothing about replacing it. After failing with Sainsbury's, or more accurately, Sainsbury's failing ME (still undecided whether or not to write to them arrogantly asking to be removed from their pool of holiday staff), I even went as far as to sign up to an employment agency, the sort of place Eastern Europeans go to for job help, which was a complete waste of time - by the time they got back to me with work, I had in the two weeks it had taken, already fixed up two jobs for myself. It's taken me a month and a week to find work since coming home from Uni, which is a month and a week of income wasted, so that's why I'm going to try and balance the two jobs.

The first is at Next, the department store which, I'm told, is great for women's clothes. It is not, and this I know for a ffact, that good for menswear - overpriced, underfashionable in my opinion. Happily, I work there and don't shop there :) . I have a long week of big shifts, started today (YES, money going IN to my bank!) then I'm hopefully going to be able to pick and chose some part-time work, which suits me fine.
Because the second job is at a local Brewers Fayre, doing bar work/waiting, but this is limited to 2 evenings a week. So more regular, but less work - which means I can arrange shifts at Next (hopefully) to fit in with how much work I want to do in a week, (i.e can be bothered), or how much money I want to earn. If this does work out, I'll be laughing.

"Dear Sainsbury's...."

Oh, yes, I know what else happened, I got my Uni results back from my first year. A pass: 62.96%, which I am well chuffed about. It's always the way, but as I look back on how I felt the exams had gone originally, it's quite a contrast to the actual results. Media I didn't do too well in, I got that feeling right, but Interpersonal, god! There's me thinking it went well, and it was a pretty poor result! Luckily, Language turned out to be as easy as it seemed on the day and I pulled out a 2:1, just, in Literature: thought it had gone horribly, so it must have been me responding to the pressure of such a shit exam paper.
Anywho, no resits, and a pass at 2:1 level. That'll do me.

There doesn't seem a lot to say about the new terror situation in this country. It was always going to happen sometime, and it could, to be honest, have been a hell of a lot worse. Measures taken so far have certainly gone some way to preventing more attacks, if we are to believe the media, though perhaps have simultaneously heightened the feeling of paranoia among the public. Despite this, at any rate, the way in which the country as a whole, as well as Londoners, dealt with the actual attacks on July 7th, was superb. ENG-ER-LAND! and so on.