Sunday, March 12, 2006

"People that are weaker than you and I..."

"...they take what they want from life."

Here is my very simple philosophy on life. It's narcissistic, individualistic and quite possibly, hideously arrogant.

You only have one life. Regardless of whether you believe in reincarnation, even if you do come back, you don't know you've come back do you? You DO know that at any moment you could die. You don't want to die unhappy. You want to die poor, but only after living richly. (What's the point in having money when you're dead?) You want to die knowing you've lived a full, or fulfilling life.

So, there's no other way of looking at it as far as I can see. Basically, in life: always look out for number one.

Be nice to people, be polite, have friends, have amazing friends, love. Be a good person, as good as you can. But don't do anything, ever, that means you suffer at your own personal expense. Because it's your life alone, and it's not for ANYONE to make it bad for you. If they do, get ahead, get away, get out. Don't let people who are weaker than you push you around. Lend a hend, but don't get taken for a ride. Have compassion, but there's no need to feel too bad: if there's suffering in the world, it's not your fault. Don't feel guilty. Be thankful it's not you, and be determined to take your chance.

Whatever religion you are, or not, you are living your life for you alone. You have to think that you're better than everyone else. Why? Because if you don't value YOURSELF about anyone else, then you're undermining the value of your life. And your life is all you have. That's a pretty terrible state to be in. Why else? Because otherwise, anyone can walk all over you and tread you into the ground, along with all the other of Life's "also-rans".

Again; be a great person. Be the best person people who know you know. Be loyal, loving, caring, friendly. Make others happy (as long as they deserve it).

But always, always, always, look out for number one.


  1. Timmo, agree. You have one life, make the best of it. Good to see you blogging regularly. Good, also, to see you voicing your opinion openly. Way to go!

  2. Hey Timmo
    Love the blog site!
    I'm a 2nd yr BACOM student too so its fun to read other people's rants & raves about the course :)
    Just set up mine too - sounds like Chindhu's had his work cut out sprading the 'blog bug'
    Keep blogging & smiling :)

  3. I know i posted already, but I'm gonna do it again!! :)
    Coz I have to disagree - hideosuly arrogant? Not at all.

    It's true - we only live one life, so live it!!

    One of my friends mum's has been given 6 weeks to live and you think OMG - what would you do? what dreams would you want to fulfil? would you celebrate your last leg of life or commiserate wishing you had longer?

    But then, I think (not meaning to sound sick in anyway!), she knows how long she has, she will make the most of every last minute left.

    We don't know how long we have left - so we gotta make sure, as you say, that we look after number 1 - enjoy life, be loved, love others

    Your post was so true that I've printed it off! (dont worry - i wont blag that its mine!), it can just be looked at now & again!
    Thanks! :)

  4. How true.. Sometimes it takes a great loss to realise that we've only got one life, but some people are wise enough to realise it nevertheless!

  5. I can't get me head around how I feel about this post, Tim. Part of me is saying, wow what a cynical way to go through life, while the other half of me applauds you for being able to take a look at the very real reality which is life, and say 'this is what I want and I'm going to get it'.
    Sadly, it is very often true that the nice guy comes last.

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments (I've just worked out how to display them).

    This is the very extremes of this view which I hold, and it should go without saying that I don't go around actively seeking to put people down or convey a sense of superiority over everyone else. I guess I just believe in the individual. I think self-confidence is such a vital thing to have: it's very easy to sit back and criticise people for it but so often it seems that it's from a jealous point of view against people who are successful. Take, for instance, Jose Mourinho. I think he's absolutely brilliant in his conduct, his self-promotion, his self-belief. Sure he annoys a lot of people; but he's on millions of £££ a year in a dream job. He didn't get there by taking a backseat in life.