Monday, April 24, 2006

Too long...

Ridiculously, this is my first post for three weeks. Now, obviously, back at Uni, internet access is constant, I have finally got round to setting aside an hour or so to post a blog, as usual by running into the early hours of the morning with a 9am start to get up for.

The main reason I haven't blogged for a while is two words which, incidentally, have been the reason I haven't done a lot of things: "Bloody Marketing". Literally spent the last 2 weeks fof Easter holidays doing it during the day time, and was still finishing it a day before. As a result, professional writing suffered. Badly.

Anyway, blogging as citizen journalism, or a hobby, or a nerdy thing, whatever, has come up within Uni a couple of times, especially about the content and use of blogs. Are they democratic? Is everyone writing and no one reading? What should they be for?

The reason why I attempt not to fill my blog up with drivel is because I would feel hard done by if I made the effort to read someone's blog and was faced with such a sorry excuse for writing. It isn't personal content I'm against, it's irrelevant personal content. Posts like "he looked my way today. we had a moment. yes i cant believe it seth noticed me today at last!" that are just, I don't know, ngngngngngng. There's no other way to describe it. I suppose if I could summarise it into one sentence, it would be 'blogs shouldn't be a platform for glorifying idle chit chat". Anything I put in about myself, I at least try to make it relevant to the people who I think are reading this. Failing that, at least humorous. At least, if you're going to talk only about yourself, make it INTERESTING for other people, that's all I ask! If you write blogs for yourself, why make it public? Expecting people to care what you've got to say is self-indulgent enough without expecting them to care about your pointless 'dirty laundry'.

However, I do think that blogging is very important because the internet is going to be at the forefront or a central mode of technological communication for the forseeable future. Why wouldn't it be? The internet provides the link between people to absolutely anything and everything. So in my opinion, blogging, the local journalism of the internet public sphere, shouldn't be remarkable for its collective lack of interest to anyone outside of the author, nor for a complete lack of grammar and spelling. Ha ha ha!


  1. When I blog I try and write about something that I've either heard other people talking about, so I know is interesting to them, or that I'm intrigued by. I don't really write 'dirty laundry' posts, but then that's just me.
    I guess we have to ask, is it that when writing bloggers should make an effort for people who bother to read them, or should they simply say if you don't like it, don't read it?!
    I wouldn't feel comfortable putting my inner most thoughts and feelings on my blog, but then maybe for some people it's simply theraputic and they don't care who's reading it (or not)?!

  2. That's true, I hadn't thought about it from a theraputic point of view. But still, if i needed to write to get feelings off my chest, i wouldn't stick it in a public domain.

  3. ah tim! u 2 have failed to blog for a while! So it's not just me that has fallen off the bandwagon!

  4. Anonymous2:18 AM

    I didnt find thing that i need... :-(