Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Vote BNP (well, don't, but lots of people are)


Like tempers in the middle of a riot, there has been a sudden flare up of interest in the far-right/fascist policies that the BNP offers as an 'alternative' to the politics of other parties. Coinciding with the upcoming local elections, the pressure seems to be on the favourites to address issues of immigration more seriously in order to avoid embarrassment by losing local seats to parties such as the BNP, Respect and UkIP.

Quite why this has escalated so quickly recently I'm not sure. Maybe it has something to do with a similar US situation just now, where Bush is pushing for tougher laws on immigration. This has, incidentally, resulted in mass protests this week advocating the value of the 'immigrant workforce' and citizenship.

It also ironically coincides with the three linked firebombings recently in London, all Asian-owned business. There's nothing like a racist attack to put things into perspective. Yes, the BNP proposes stronger actions on the immigration issue than other parties. Perfectly aceptable. The trouble is, that's all some people need to be convinced. Dig a little deeper (indeed, just LOOK at the surface, nevermind scratch it) and the racist undertones to the BNP are clear to see. Log on to their homepage, and the first sentence you're hit with is this: Can you just sit there and watch as our country is being ripped apart by the forces of multiculturalism?

For a country supposedly one of the most economically, technologically and socially developed in the world, there's a lot of backwards thinking still rife in certain areas. We can do without more and more people subscribing to such views.

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  1. The BNP (and people who vote for it) make me sick. It is racism at it's most frightening, and manipulating.
    Parties like the BNP are the main reason why so many apathetic voters should be voting. If not for a cause, then at least to keep the BNP out of parliament in any form, even just a few seats.
    The BNP are simply a bunch of racist facists disguising their own self-loathing as politics.

    What with all the press coverage of 'dangerous' illegal immigrants and terrorists at the moment, I think this is why the British public's awareness (and anger) has been risen.
    However, parties like the BNP are clearly not the answer.
    Unless we're planning another Hitler-regime?!