Wednesday, July 26, 2006

God is in the TV

Also, a quick plug.

The online zine I write for has had a spectacular revamp and now, as well as looking pretty, offers high quality and comprehensive reviews on the best of new unsigned music and current commercial arists. Register on the site, comment and get involved in the hottest re-newed music review site around.

Now you can search by my name, and see all the lovely stuff I've written, and avoid all the bands I've slated.


  1. hey tim, i'm about to go check out your work on the online zine!
    just thought i'd let you know i'm still reading your blog.
    Big brother - what the fuck can we say? it's a mess. I admit that I watch it and I wish to god that I didn't but somehow like you said there's a horror to it that is compelling. What a bunch of twats.
    Work experience - I agree with you it is shit that it is 6 weeks unpaid and that the uni didn't manage to stick it in term time so we can work for MONEY over the holidays. however my work experience rocked, the EXPERIENCE part was invaluable. Go out and buy a writers' forum magazine to see what I mean!! cos there I am, page 27 (not to be shamelessly plugging or anything... woops)

    so anyway, soon the new term is to begin again with all the fun that goes along with that, and aren't we supposed to be thinking about our dissertations? (our what?!)

    here's hoping the good weather comes back. Ask callaghan about my party, your on the invite list timmo!

    see you in september, take care. xxx

  2. Tim, Just saw your review of our band! Really glad you liked the stuff, there is more coming very soon... Keep up the good work and thanks for the time!!!

    Mat TS