Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Blogging - arrogant? probably? gahahaha

I sort of covered this in my initial post on here but I'll expand, since I've nothing better to do. I only seem to write lucidly at about this time in the morning - it's coming up to 1 am here.

You could aruge that by creating a blog you are, in essence, making the statement "I'm arrogantly assuming you care what I have to say, and even if you don't, here you are reading it anyway". That is my opinion but with an escape clause.
Blogging should not be people, incapable of using a recognisable standard of English or substituting numbers for words because it saves time, writing pointless drivel about how they got stoned for the first time or got off wih their best mate's ex at a party because they were drunk on 4 Bacardi Breezer's their sister had bought for them. (Actually, on a side note, what sort of self-respecting person would do this anyway?). The wider internet really doesn't care about these aspects of your life; keep it to text messaging, messageboards and e-mails, please, and to people who won't ask for the 3 minutes of their lives back after reading it.

Blogging should be about people conveying opinions and attitudes to things relevant in the world today (this post) or of an interest to many people (my Smiths one ;)) - since bloggers are apparantly becoming the new journalists (some claim, to be fair), then discussion should, surely, take place on issues which matter. It is a chance to create debate, it offers new opportunites for individuals to educate themselves and participate in discussions they want to, it doesn't lend itself to only certain groups - the chance is there for anyone. The privelidge should be treated with some respect, not destroyed by self indulgent ramblings about "teh day uve had 2day".

Blogging, then, should be worthwhile comment, not introspective drivel. I intend to keep my blogging lively and interesting, but not about things happening to me in my life, but things other people can relate to. I can moan at the Samaritans if I get suicidal, or just go out with my friends. I don't need to post it on my blog, ffs.
What I only hope is that even if you don't care what I have to say, or what appears on here, it will have been, at least, a comment that has been worthwhile making.

Although if you don't care what I have to say, 'I'd get such a shock I'd probably lie, in the middle of the street and die'. (Nowhere Fast, Meat is Murder).

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