Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The world won't listen

Just thought I'd build my second post by starting on how I came to decide on my URL.
Basically went through a host of Smiths album and song titles, then was about to try TheWorldWon'tListen but then it struck me - what better for a blog title, since this is my own thoughts to the world, than the world isn't listening (to me, you see)?
This leads me onto The Smiths, sort of, in a tenuous link. People (you may be one) often criticise The Smiths for being miserable, but this is a misinformed point of view. The Smiths' lyrics (Morrissey) are works of genius; the imagery they conjure, the stark reality which they deal with, and the brilliance in the actual way the come about make them into this genius: Morrissey is an astonishing user of the english language, which helps. The music, while in terms of chord sequences may be sometimes tried and tested, is otherwise fantastic - Marr's songwriting and playing is just out of this world at times. The Smiths' music isn't written so much as crafted; in Meat is Murder opener, The Headmaster Ritual, for example, there are close to 12 guitar tracks in that song. It's breathtaking.
In less than a year, after picking up The Queen is Dead for a fiver by chance, I've become an absolute devotee; I now have every LP and the two compilations released in their era (no point getting the posthumous singles collections unless you're a passing fan), and I only don't have Rank, their live album, since most Smiths fans I have talked to have dissuaded me from getting it. But I'm going to anyway, next time I see it.
That's it on The Smiths, for now anyway.

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