Tuesday, May 03, 2005

First blog entry....christ

To be quite honest signing up to this thing has been a mission in itself, - it's taken me half an hour to give acceptable usernames and URLs - but I've stuck it simply becaue LiveJournal is starting to fill up with rubbish. Millions, it seems, of 14 year olds moaning about their crush or text sex partner, or leaving suicide letters (better than putting on your blog, becuase it's unlikely anyone will read it, let alone give a damn, if the rest of your posts are that self indulgent), and in fact self-indulgence seems to be the overriding thing with a lot of people's blogs. Ironically, here I now go, but I hope to make mine worth the time other people might spend reading it.

It's interesting to read on the welcoming page of this site, the apparant change in journalism styles the 'blogging phenomenom' is having. Certainly, it's not doing much yet except for online journalism, which is a different kettle of fish to the established mediums of newspapers, TV and radio anyway. An overexaggeration, probably, since blogging has - let's be honest here - only taken off in the last 24 months.

Posts to come, then, will include thoughts on University - exams, revision, the sunshine stopping me from doing either- how it's 2am and I shouldn't have watched the snooker for 4 straight hours, music, media, and comments on events/news of the day that I can be bothered to write about. And if I ever start an entry with "Well, wot a day i av ad lmfao!" then feel free to report me as a suspected terrorist or paedophile or something.

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