Tuesday, May 31, 2005

post-exams at last!

I begin tonight 3 days into my long summer which stretches out gloriously before me. Friday was my last exam for University this year, and I now have no more committments to Uni until I start year 2! Except finding out whether I'ved passed the year of course. Oh. Scary stuff. I only started last week, it seems.....

Anyway, the last time I posted was in the middle of my exams, now they're all done. Last week was Language Matters and Literature, which I thought would be ok.

  • Language Matters, 24/5/2005: This exam was made a lot easier by knowing the first half would be a choice of 1 out of 6 questions, so doing enough revision meant learning 2 topics well and a third as back up. This sufficed, and I was able to answer the question on Grice without much problem. Then the second half of the exam was on an unseen passage - the makeup advert was the obvious choice in this exam, because it was so lucrative to write about as it asked about the use of 'persuasive language'. In fact, it was almost enjoyable, and I rather stupidly, in my conclusion, wrote as though I was the makeup company talking. Definitely a good exam, however, as they go.

  • Literature, Genre and Communication, 27/5/2005: Being an open book exam, I arrogantly did not revise for this until the 2 days before it, since before any of the exams started it seemed likely to be the easiest out of the 4. How wrong! It was, incredibly, the hardest. I made the mistake of revising 4 texts badly, rather than 2 texts better, and the questions weren't nice at all. I wasted around 10 minutes at the start of the exam just looking at the paper trying to work out questions I could answer. Not a good end exam to finish with, but it was soon forgotten after getting on the whiskey by about 8 oclock.

So now what. No exams, no work due, free time until end of September. Sunny Bournemouth until July 4th. Classic.

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