Friday, May 20, 2005

Exams stuff.

Not updated this since before the exams, but then this blog was never intended to be a day to day diary. After all, I've got my day to day diary to do that.
Anyway, I write today half way through my four Uni exams (so that makes 2 done, 2 left). Unbelievable; in about 8 days from now, I'll have officially finished year one of University, bar the partying. So far - media and interpersonal have been done.
  • Media, 17/5/2005: well it wasn't that great. The questions weren't brilliant, didn't like the look of any of them really. I did the 2 that seemed the best of a rather bad bunch, like eating the last few edible grapes while avoiding the truly off ones. I had to really work hard to make what I was writing fit the question, and to be honest in some places I struggled to make it happen. Couldn't answer the Frankfurt School question, nor the Media Imperialism one. The more I think about this exam, the worse I feel so I'll focus more on:

  • Interpersonal, 19/5/2005: This exam was about as far removed from media on tuesday as possible. The questions were specific, made the asnwers easy to structure and they were about topics that I'd luckily revised pretty thoroughly beforehand. In fact the first question was so enjoyable (as exam questions go) that it was with some regret that I had to conclude it and move onto the second half. Which wasn't nearly as nice, but still better than media on tuesday.

Anyway - Language Matters (it really does!) is my next exam, followed a week today by Literature. I was thinking these would be the lighter of the four exams, so I'd take it if they were as difficult as Interpersonal was yesterday.

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