Saturday, May 14, 2005

Just stuff.

Thought I'd get back into the blogging mode, it's fittingly 12:37am at the moment, so prime time for me to write lots of flowing drivel.

Casinos - Why? I was on £35, from the tenner I started with...why did I aim to hit £40 and quit? Damn chips! Damn casino! Damn blackjack! Damn 'just one more round' mentality! If you go to a Casino, you expect a few lows against the peaks. So why didn't I take the £25 profit, instead of plugging away and ending up with a £5 loss? Stupid. To be fair, what are the chances of getting 20 (playing Blackjack, 21 is tops) twice in a row, only for the dealer to get 20 twice in a row as well? You always think your luck is about to change, but it never does, or it never changes enough to get you back on track.
The problem with gambling isn't having being good at it. There isn't really a skill in gambling, any idiot can see rough patterns of occurrence. Wait long enough, and something you need IS going to come up sooner or later.
What you need to be good at gambling is time - you've got to have the patience to sit through the bad times. You need to spend 6 hours at a Casino to make anything decent, and even then that might only be £25 profit at the end. But you can't turn up for a couple of hours like I did, expect to churn out £50-100 profit and wander off to the pubs. Granted, it might be your lucky night (going on a friday the thirteenth may have been a factor tonight) but it really isn't going to happen often.
Luckily, I am not a gambling man. It really is a mugs game. There's no skill, no value in it other than a bit of fun: I took £10 into a casino, came out with £5. I'd have spent more on getting into a club and 2 drinks, to be fair. Nevermind, eh.

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